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Dienstag, 15. Januar 2019, 00:01

OK, I'll accept a nice boat for this, no problem... :EVA1E6~134: :12_small35: :EV8CD6~126: -bier- - I. Kant, "Political writings" (1784), the jolly text on Enlightenment, at the basis of Modernity...



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Montag, 28. Januar 2019, 22:53


so back from dusseldorf
i had to stay a bit longer because the college was getting ill and he went home
???6§$ i left the boat over-there
i can send a picture ???

i also did a format the hdd that is in the box
put it back to original firmware
did the update again on the bootloader
i reflasht the box with the image and have installed a new sat xml file
and have set everything up from scratch

i dont know what has happend but for now i have no problems anymore so i am a very happy person $%&/ :12_small35:

hope that this will stay on the right track if not i will report it over here again..or make a new treath


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