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Sunday, November 10th 2019, 6:59pm

Airdigital - Zgemma H7 6.3 image
Today's drivers, still in test phase but everything seems more or less fine and Kodi works.
Nice job Zgemma!

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Today, 7:17am

OK, some E2iStream feedback, with my thanx to Codermik, once again!!! :thumbup:​​​

Thanx to iStream/Codermik's link for compiling, E2iStream is now offered inside PurE2 > MENU > Plugins > green button > Extensions and it comes with almost everything that is required for it automatically installed, with only 3-4 additional files installed on first start. Do not worry if you can't update it, as it may be the latest version... Make sure you configure it so buffer and cache go to USB stick and downloading to HDD respectively.

If it isn't in PurE2 > MENU > Plugins > Extensions already, as in "after a SW update", please issue the following commands in PuTTy to get it:

opkg update

opkg upgrade



Then, go to Plugins and install via remote controller...

Or manual install:

opkg install enigma2-plugin-extensions-e2istream

(latest version is 2019.10.24).

NOTA BENE - please, ignore the following error:

PurE2 - thanx to Delfi - now has FFmpeg 4.2.1 (the first in the world, as usual! :12_small35: :EV3584~124: :EV012E~133: ), so this test was doubly interesting to see what, if anything, would work with E2iStream, Kodi, Ciefp's channel list, incuding IPTV channels and some films, series etc. streaming (mkv, mp4 etc. links) etc. etc.

Prerequisites: Service App is installed and Exteplayer3 is active.


I.e. in E2iStream Exteplayer3 is not working with FFmpeg 4.2.1 but External gstplayer (no buffering needed most of the time) IS working, as you will see below! I tested lots of stuff and aplenty of those plugins offered are working just fine!

Here is my quick report to Delfi (just a few parts of our Skype conversation):

UK normal address - BBC iPlayer is working fully! ITV partially...

YouTube is cool:

With VPN active:
"Andrija & Andjelka" is working but with External Gstplayer
("Dom za vesanje" in Films is working! First time it stopped with ext gstplayer but then it worked!)
OK, in sports section some things are working...
"Our match", for instance.
"Red bull" is working in E2iStream.
"Laola" is working!
"TSiPlayer" has Bein etc.ESPN USA is opening... finally found valid links.... :P
Ha! "123Movies" is working inside TSiPlayer...
"Streamlord" is working there > "Joker" is going!
"" in English section is working!
"" is working.
Call me old-fashioned but these guys are active... ;)
"TSiPlayer" works in many places... ;)
"YIFY" inside E2iStream is working.
"18+" section (XXX) is working.
"Classic cinema" is working.
"Filmaon" is working.
"" is working!
"" is working.
"Icefilms" seems OK, even.... :P I found "Flash" working...
"" works!
"123Movies" works... Last 3 "kinda working" (fast test)...

And so on and on... Kodi is fine, too, hehe!

Codermik, again, thanx a bunch and keep up the good work!!! :) - I. Kant, "Political writings" (1784), the jolly text on Enlightenment, at the basis of Modernity...

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