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Monday, December 9th 2019, 11:51am

I proclaim Zgemma H7 section the most boring section in the history of Sat TV hobby and business - ever!!!

:4_small16: Please, observe the absence of moaning, complaining, bitching, questions if something works or not and so on and on and on, as opposed to all other machines of this kind - it's just the shortest ever section in the history of the hobby!!!! :4_small16:

sweikra In the words of the immortal Tina Turner: "IT'S SIMPLY THE BEST!!!! BETTER THAN ALL THE REST!!!" sweikra

n367d9 Dare you question this - you will be (moderately) laughed at!!! n367d9

:EV9A87~129: We are nice people, after all... :EV9A87~129:

( :EVD335~121: Just sayin'... :EVC471~119: )

:EV012E~133: P.S. Have you seen how the prices have fallen for this monster machine?!? Absolutely THE DEAL on the scene!!! $%&/ dvfgqv1e96…/enlightenment/ - I. Kant, "Political writings" (1784), the jolly text on Enlightenment, at the basis of Modernity...


Ich war es nicht !

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Monday, December 9th 2019, 5:10pm

You have absolutely the right opinion. $%&/ $%&/

This STB is even better than the HD51 and the price/performance ratio was already ingenious. 1987r4tfg
Nur wer über seinen Schatten springt wird in der Sonne landen !!!

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