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Saturday, August 1st 2020, 8:58pm

Dear users, please remember, it's SUUUU-MERRR-TIIIIIIIMEEEEE....

:12_small35: When the hobby comes second (or third or fourth...) :EV012E~133:
:12_small35: Fish are jumpiiiing and the sunset's aweeesooome.... :EV3584~124:
:12_small35: Go coders, go.... & re-charge your Open Sources... -bier-
:12_small35: So, chillax everybody, it's SUUUUMERRRTIIIIMEEEE... :EV790A~137:

<dcvbnm, :3_small30: EFÖFM; ...such as it is... :115E17~112: :EV9A87~129: dvfgqv1e96…/enlightenment/ - I. Kant, "Political writings" (1784), the jolly text on Enlightenment, at the basis of Modernity...

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