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Thursday, February 6th 2020, 2:10pm

BACKUP/quickly RESTORE all your important PurE2 settings

This plugin/tool, together with some other plugins/tools, makes flashing a breeze, easy, fast, reliable - because one can simply restore all that hard work of setting up the whole image, all the settings, each tool/plugin settings - the lot! In 5 minutes! So, if PurE2 develops some sort of a problem, simply quickly flash the latest PurE2 online and then restore the previously saved settings. All of them - at least the ones you want to preserve!


So, I am presuming you have installed a current PurE2 image and you have mounted a device/partition, either internally or externally, where you can save your settings.

How to mount devices/partitions? See here: Structuring PurE2: mounting devices/partitions in Device Manager, what to send where!

So, now this is done correctly we can start with the process of making a backup of your PurE2 settings...

Save your PurE2 settings/make a 'backup settings file'

0) PurE2 > MENU > Setup > Software management > Advanced options!

1) Select backup location >
a) choose your external USB device (USB stick/HDD/SSD/mSD/whatever you have mounted) or
b ) internal SATA SSD/HDD

2) Select backup files > in PurE2 structure one mostly backs up some folders/files from etc section, as well as usr section of our image. I will give my example:

a) etc > tick/select the following options using the yellow button (please note that "OK" button will only get you inside a folder, some of which have been selected by default)
Now, select the following folders:
- dropbear
- enigma2
- openvpn (I use OpenVPN plugin to encrypt my internet traffic, see the relevant thread I wrote on this forum about the OpenVPN protection needed for our hobby)
- samba
- tuxbox

WARNING! Exit by going back to the top of the tree (using <, >, ^ and v buttons around the OK button) and press OK on <Parent Directory> folder and NOT BY USING THE EXIT BUTTON!!! If you do use the EXIT button nothing will be saved and you will have to start from scratch again...

b ) Then, go back to etc folder and select the following files, some of which are also selected by default:
- fstab
- hostname
- kud.cfg (if you have one)
- resolv.conf
- timezone and timezone.xml
- wpa_supplicant.conf

Please note: usr folder is already nicely "sorted out for you", so no need to mess with that but if you insist on some things, go to...

usr > lib > enigma2 > python > plugins > extensions > choose which plugins you want saved, for easy restoration...

When done choosing/selecting, press the green button to SAVE your settings for this part of backup!

3) Press EXIT button on your RCU and select > Backup system settings > Wait... When DONE > Exit...


1) Flash a PurE2 image of your choice without removing the device which contains the backup file.

2) During the Wizard/first run and setup of PurE2, normally one would be offered to restore the settings. Usually it will be done in 2 stages - settings first, then Plugins/addons later. Just say "Yes"!

Be patient, restoring all the plugins takes time and some of them have the warning message at the end - they will appear at the end, one at a time ("Please, use VPN with *it*" message).

After it is done, one must start one's CamD (OSCam Emu Cache in my case): MENU > pManager > Cam Manager > Run CAM Manager > green button to start it...

You might also need to go into Estuary config and press the green button to get the background wallpaper running again (I use no. 4 - just press the green button and OK to restart).

3) If it doesn't work, one should properly mount the device which has the saved PurE2 settings backup file and then attempt to do this. See the link above to do this properly. Then...

PurE2 > MENU > pManager > Software manager > Restore previously saved settings > PurE2 will check if it can find them... normally, this should work...

Thanx to Betacentauri for the online/offline flashing plugin and all the other authors for other bits at work here...

Enjoy! :EV790A~137:…/enlightenment/ - I. Kant, "Political writings" (1784), the jolly text on Enlightenment, at the basis of Modernity...

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